Seminar Series 2021 – Interpréter (Interpreting)

In this series, we propose to explore the question of interpretation, or rather the interpretations that are played out in interaction, in order to take a critical and potentially constructive look at the care-giver-patient relationship in psychiatry. This is a classic philosophical theme, since it has given rise to a current of philosophy known as hermeneutics, which analyses the foundations of interpretation. By reading texts by contemporary philosophers, read by specialists in the authors in question and discussed by a psychiatrist, we have tried to enrich clinical practice, and no longer take for granted the complex processes involved in constructing meaning. I chaired the discussions for four seminars in this series:

  • L’interprétation dans les sciences de l’homme : autour de Charles Taylor, avec Alexandre Gascoin, le 25 février 21
  • Interpréter les émotions : autour de Jean-Paul Sartre, avec Charlotte Geindre, le 22 mars 21
  • Les énoncés performatifs : autour de la pensée d’Austin, avec Bruno Ambroise, le 03 mai 21
  • La structure du comportement : la pensée de Merleau-Ponty, avec Elodie Boissard, le 25 mai 21