My research aims to find the best ways to help people with mental health disorders, with a particular focus on depression. One side of my research focuses on identifying and characterising emergent symptoms, daily difficulties and unmet needs. Another side is to develop and evaluate interventions to address these.
All of my research is developed within two complementary frameworks: Evidence-based medicine and Patient-centred medicine. While these frameworks are originally centred in the academic field of Clinical Epidemiology, my projects combine theoretical and methodological input from a wide range of academic fields, including: psychology, cognitive neuroscience, statistics and computational modelling, as well as sociology, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy and history.

My role is to identify real-life problems, transform them into research questions and propose methods that balance scientific validity, as well as feasibility and acceptability for the participants to address them. All of my projects try to think out of the box, consider the broader picture and propose real-life applications for clinical practice and public health.